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Boatcoversdirect.com reviews 18 HPX-V?


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I am looking for a cover for my HPX-V 18 for occasional use in my driveway to keep the dew and leaves out overnight. I keep my boat in a warehouse but when I will be fishing the next day it will stay in my driveway overnight the day before and sometimes the day after I clean it before getting a chance to run it back to storage.

I don't need a custom cover as I won't be towing with it or even using it for extended periods of time. I really just want to be able to keep the dew and leaves out of it overnight the night before and after a trip. Occasionally it might be used if we bring the boat on vacation and it stays in the water for the week at a condo or something.

Does anyone have experience with these covers and if so which material did you buy and how did it fit?


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