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2000 Master Angler, 2001 Yamaha OX66


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Okay, some day, I will graduate from the "Vintage Maverick" thread to something newer, but for now, I am happy to still be here.  My 1987 Maverick was such a gem, I bought myself a MUCH younger one - 13 years younger, and still 16 years old!   At least I know I've got another 13 years of life in her!

Figured I'd start a thread on her and document what's been done.   I bought her as the third owner.  The first two guys babied her - I purchased her with 438 hours on the engine and only one blemish in her exterior - a gelcoat crack from a dropped battery on the deck.  Other than that, as far as I can tell, the worst thing that ever happened to her was sitting around unused for a year - which led to almost 3K in engine/fuel/oil maintenance and repairs.   Just one more reason to go fishing as often as possible.  Prior to that, I was told by the owner that the only issue he ever had on the boat was the seals in the lower unit going out on him in the keys - but it was caught before damage was done.  I had the engine thoroughly inspected before I bought her - compression was 120 on 4 cylinders, 115 on the other two (cold and after sitting for a year).   The mechanic found no signs of corrosion in the engine and no metal in the lower unit fluid when he changed it.  She should be in good shape for years to come.

Prior to (and as part of the purchase), the following was done (11/2016):

- Fuel tanks emptied, inspected, and thoroughly cleaned.   

- 3 brand new batteries (Deka 27s for TM, 25 for the house)

- Fuel pump replaced

- Water pump replaced

- Lower unit oil replaced

- Seals in lower unit replaced (were not leaking, but as a prevention)

- Drive shaft seal replaced

When I got it, immediately on launch I got a low oil alarm.  We quickly identified the issue - a bad oil pump in the main tank (plenty of oil in the reserve tank, but at the "fill line" triggering the alarm).  A quick diagnosis confirmed that the oil pump was completely dead.  Since I needed to replace the filter too, and the filter bracket was corroded, I decided to replace the entire oil system - New remote tank, new pump, new lines, new filter, new bracket, new wiring.   It also gave me a chance to clean up the one compartment in the boat that was a mess.   Once installed, everything worked as it was supposed to.  

Here are a few pics:










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A few updates for posterity sake:  

- Installed my Ipilot trolling motor from my previous boat.  Will need to address the holes left from the prior motor's quick release mount.  Unfortunately, the Ipilot needs a different mount than the manual that was on there.

- I discovered a crack in the back of the livewell that was sending water down into the bilge when the livewell was full.   I will have to address this - but good to find an easy problem to fix!

- I had an issue with the bilge pump working intermittently (not good when using the leaking live well!).   A little trouble shooting revealed some corrosion on the console switch - caused by water getting between the switch panel and the console.  Will be sealing the gap between the two to keep it dry, and then will check for corrosion on the other switches (all others seem to be working fine).  

Everything else on the boat is working beautifully and the new oil tank passed its first two trips with flying colors.   

Still need to address the port-side tempress seat mount.  That's going to require a little more ingenuity.

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