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Figured that there would probably not be another time in my life when I have TWO of these in my driveway at the same time!   I didn't realize it initially but there are some subtle differences between the 1987 and the 2000 beyond just the deck layout.  the front deck on the 2000 is a full 8 inches wider than 1987.  







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Hey Hurricane - as for the TMs - I couldn't figure out another way that put them on the metal plate - maybe I'm missing something, though.   I went back and forth trying to get around cleats, bow lights, keep it as far forward as possible and this seemed like the only orientation that worked.   I haven't mounted the one on the blue boat yet, but again, that is the only option I can find for it.  

Absolutely LOVE those tempress seats, though if I'd installed them, I would have done what you did.   The captain's seat is a bit too far back for me to lean back and drive, wish it was about 3" further forward!   I still need to figure out that seat on the port side.   I think I'm going to put a pie hole either in the rod locker or in the hatch under the seats to access it.   Just don't want to put a(nother) hole in my live well in the process!

BTW if anyone else is curious about changes since 87, let me know and I can do some measurements.   

Oh, and anyone got a clever way to get that residue off the front of the blue boat from the skeg guard?   Stuff is pretty tough to remove. . . . 

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I said the same thing about the seats. "I don't think I would've installed them if they didn't come on my boat". But i gotta tell ya, I freakin' love them and will install them on my next boat, if there ever is one!

Ya these remote TM"s are difficult to position since the have to hang off so much. I was able to get the TM installed along the side of the boat, but that's why I had to flip the mount 180, to get those front screws to catch the plate.

I would guess that area on the left side is full of foam, but I like the pie hole idea. I have been wanting to add flush rod holders on the sides, however I have been to scared to drill the hole without knowing the right place. If I cut out for a pie hole I could look in and see how space there is.


How does your switch panel look? My was totally faded and I had to replace it. I have a CAD drawing of mine that I sent to Flounder Pounder to make a new one, I can send it to if you want. I assume they are the same, but some are different.



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