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4 hours ago, rubble said:

Thanks for the link. I had an old CG Aux checksheet that said Type 1 or 2. Inflatables are legal only if worn as I understand it but not sure if that means All the time or just when under way. 

When I used to fish alone, I would always have my inflatable on me with my EPIRB connected to the back.....in case I went over in a current and got beatup, I wanted to be sure I could always call in an emergency...the current rips in Choko and if you go over without a partner, you could have a real problem......for the average fisherman, with two more on board, I'd say just use the standard, and keep them readily available.




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9 hours ago, linesider 159 said:

I was under the impression the auto inflate were fine. it's what I use

One approved Type I, II or III for each person on board or being towed on water skis etc.

Must be USCG-approved. Must be in serviceable condition. Must be properly stored

NOTE: A Type V hybrid may substituted for any Type I, II, or III device, but must be worn whenever the vessel is underway and the person is not in the cabin or other enclosed area.

2 key things here. Vessel underway includes any movement. Technically the inflatable must be worn unless your anchored or tied to a dock. A trolling motor is considered underway. Properly stored means very easy access. Not buried in a hatch or in any non approved storage such as a garbage bag and such.


Here is what I must use and prefer for charter. A type 1 vest type. Much more comfortable and the least fatiguing if you actually had to go to floating around for a while.


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