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Maverick Boat Company = Class


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Best boat buying experience I've had. And I've had one or 2, LoL. 

My dealer is exceptional (Ships Chandler Marine - Destin). Skip and Mr. Deal were kind enough to send me pics of the boat during the build. 

I have a few bugs/tweaks to work on, not unusual with a rig loaded with equipment. But she's 99% perfect. I'm real happy with the purchase. 

It's funny because I was thinking about a Hewes sticker for my truck, and a new cap to go with the new boat...and they show up. 

Not only are these exceptional and respected boats, the company and this forum community makes one proud to be an owner. 

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Pretty sure my 1991 was built before Scott took over the company, but in 1999 I enjoyed the extraordinary pleasure of a personal factory tour.  A few years later, with the kids grown and gone, my memory of the kindness Scott showed that day and knowing how well the MBC boats were constructed, I found an old Lappy and made it mine.   Still enjoy it today.  Yes, I drool looking at the new ones, but Love My Lappy. :)


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