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2007 Redfisher 16' w/115 Yamaha 2 stroke


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I have tried many props over the years (at least a dozen or more) to find the best for me. I have several that give me speeds anywhere from 45 mph to 52 mph. I have a 4" hydraulic jackplate and negative wedges from Bob's machine.

Full fuel, full livewell and on person onboard, me.

Mercury Spitfire X7 4 blade 12.7 x 19 pitch  5600 RPM's at 50.6 mph. This is my go to prop for all around use. The smaller diameter prop has the least porpoising of all the props I have tested,

Yamaha Pro series 13.25 x 21 pitch 3 blade. 5600 RPM's at 52 mph. I use this prop when I am alone and running light.


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