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Entrance to Rodgers River ENP - Beware Low Tide Campers


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There is a post on camping down by the Rodgers....beware of the low tides of winter...


Here's a graphic I have that I used to learn how to run in on the low....my buddy Peter Babb, one of the best ENP fisherman I know, taught me the first time in my Pathy....

We can screaming in on a negative low, JP up on 4, mud a flying :)  

ON the low, you need to start at the bottom of the picture where there is a marker...the entire bank is exposed and you cannot enter directly....you then follow the channel you can see that looks like a "s".    depending on your draft you need to either run it or take the TM in .....once you get past the bank, there are some oyster bars, sometimes exposed, sometimes not up along the entrance....so, it's not for the faint of heart (LOL)....as they say, if you don't know, "go slow".....enjoy :)


30731064244_bb47dafc09_b.jpgrogers entrance by Dino Cardelli, on Flickr





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On 12/14/2016 at 7:16 AM, fishbum321 said:

hey you guys jump on this one.  this is my thought but I have not been there. 




That the route I used to take..you need to line up on the first outside market on a low tide....once you get into the river, there are numerous bars that you can't see depending on the tide...watch for irregular water passing...meaning, ripples where they shouldn't be and just go slow once you get into the river..

rubble mentioned you are going to look at coming in from the back side...what days?  Check the negative tides and the wind..

If you get a NE wind (strong) and a negative tide, even the ENP can get very skinny in places....Not trying to scare anyone, but, Wintertime in ENP in the back country and trying to enter un known river mouths, are not for the fully inexperienced...there are plenty of areas to camp and fish, that do not require so much deep back country exploring...

but, if you must go, go slow so you can push off...i'd even suggest carrying a portable push pole that will be in two pieces..I bought one from Bob at inshore marine..it was a 3 piece push pole, about 16-18 feet that I carried on the Path....if I ever got stuck - which was always when running skinny, i'd use it to push off an oyster bar or so...

If you are willing to go slow, take your time, use your trolling motor and be prepared to get stuck...no problem....just take your time, so no one gets hurt...and remember, it's only 6 hours till the next tide (LOL) :):)



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