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Sharkhide Protectant Sealer?


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I know a few of you all have used Sharkhide metal protectant and have a few questions for ya.

Has anybody ever applied the product to an oxidized aluminum surface without going through the prep stages of stripping and polishing before applying Sharkhide protectant sealer?

If you have what was the end result?


How long did it protect the aluminum before oxidization started to appear again or become discolored? Not shiny any longer?

Have a hardtop frame that needs some TLC and am hoping I can get away with just thoroughly washing frame and applying the Sharkhide.


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After you polish and clean up the metal, you need to clean the polish off the metal.  The recommended product is lacqueur thinner.  Follow the directions on the can or look them up on their web site.  

Like linesider said, it is a sealant.  If you cover up corrosion, you are going to still have corrosion.  You need to look up how to clean up the corrosion before applying shark hide, which is expensive if it isn't applied correctly and doesn't work for what you need.  I would invest in some good polish like flitz or metal cleaner like collinite and see where you are at first.  Good luck!

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