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Grounded Maverick on Beach Sea Tow Recovery


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12 hours ago, bdsnook said:

Hurricane....does that mean it was "salvage"  can they keep it?

Sea Tow won't touch it with out the owners permission. After Matthew I had to pull a boat out of a yard. The land owner was upset bc she wanted us out there during the storm. She didn't understand, we needed the boat owners permission. (Yeah I hustle with the yellow boats part time) If they were a member it was free. If not a member it would've been:

$179 membership fee

$275 per hour

$15 per foot

$724 total

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very unfortunate for the owner....I'm sure there is a story there...but, I don't  understand why they didn't just throw an anchor when further off shore...and then call for help...

As mentioned, it appears to be way over the limits for a night time beach fishing trip in a flats boat..but, hard to say....could have been nice and calm, then a storm cranked up...



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12/16/16: Overnight job of dewatering/ ungrounding a flats boat that intentionally beached themselves after they started taking on water. We had to winch the vessel out of the surf and up onto the beach in order to dig all the sand out of the hull and compartments prior to pulling her back off. Enjoy your day and Happy Friday!


That's the story straight from sea tow's website.  Seems pretty straight forward, but man does that stink that they got that much damage from beaching it.

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