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Trolling motor lock


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On 12/21/2016 at 9:13 AM, flatsdoctor said:

I recently got a new riptide Ulterra

i have the quick release white puck mount 

this TM weighs a ton and removing it every time is not good for my back. What kind of lock or anti theft method do you use?






EZ lock the rattler

It's sold on Amazon....


Just remember, the insert is plastic...one hit with a hammer and it will break...you need something to secure the entire unit.

Personally, I'd never leave it on the boat over night....I don't even leave it on my boat in front of the house....I figure, for $2K, I pay myself every time I lift it. (LOL)...


Just like my Yetti...too easy to sell and pawn.


but, that's just me !!!


Take a look at the EZ lock...


Should work and you can loop it over the bow ring.





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