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1988 Maverick Deluxe

Fish Finaddict

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Well, After some research, I finally pulled the trigger on this 1988 Maverick Deluxe. It is powered by a 2002 90HP Yamaha and sits on a 2010 Continental trailer. I rewired the electronics and installed a new blade type fuse block, LED running lights, new switches, 12v outlet and a Lenco reto fit kit. I was super impressed at the speed and ride of this boat with 90HP. I will restore it slowly. Here are some pics..





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I am removing bottom paint from a previous owner. That s$%^ is nasty! Mine had two layers. I started by sanding and then my brother gave me a power washer and I was just trying to blast off any crud and alot of the bottom paint blasted off.

Get a full respirator before you sand that stuff. It's loaded with metals.

Goog luck.

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Good tip. I am removing my trim tabs to clean them. On the MMA 21 they are built into their own little compaartment, so it is easier to remove, plus I will have to sand in there and repaint. Nothing is ever easy on a boat, except for fishing :content:

Slowly but, surely we will progress. Keep up the good work. I am going to take some pictures, even if they are just to remind myself that I don't want to do this again.


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I purchased this Pyle MP3 sound system for my Maverick and I cant believe how awesome this thing sounds!!!!!!!!!!

I got it online for $78.41 delivered to the door of my house. It comes with 2 6.5 inch speakers, 200 watt amp, volume control knob and Auxiliary input jack. I hooked up my I Phone to it and it sounds phenomenal. I've heard both the Poly Planar and the Audio Pipe versions of these MP3 kits and I honestly think this sounds just as good if not better. This is the best bang for the buck stereo system I have ever had on a boat. Check out the size of the amp




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