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Best Month to Fish Biscayne Bay

Big Dave

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You mentioned the new moon phase, Is there such a thing as too strong a tide for fishing?  or is it the more tide the better?   I primarily fish Mosquito Lagoon (no tides here), it makes it super difficult to travel and fish places that are tide dependent.. b/c I have a vague understanding of how fish, specifically bonefish,  respond to tides..

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Joe Gonzalez, Bob Branham & Carl Ball are some of the best BB guides you can hire. Have a great time, Dave!

Wayne- Your questions are all a matter of opinion. Personally I like strong tides, especially super negative low tides on the west coast so the fish don't have as many places to hide. I've been taught that good fishing for bones and mits rely on at least decent tidal flow but my knowledge of BB is limited as I only fish there with Carl Ball a few days each year.

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Carl is an amazing guide...we did a photo shoot for one of his sponsors a few years ago....the target was permit and he found them on Queue....

I've been impressed with Joe...he's so open and friendly at seminars and his personality is relaxed.  You should have a great time.

Take lots of pics....


Here is one of my favorites....I call it "A guides office morning view"


9270427595_7c0919ee7d_k.jpgWindow View - A guide's office by Dino Cardelli, on Flickr



9274865373_9e0ec549c4_k.jpgLamiglas Rods by Dino Cardelli, on Flickr


9429478081_5281440a35_b.jpgPermit Release Biscayne Bay, Florida by Dino Cardelli, on Flickr


I'm sure Joe will put you on some bones.....






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