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Lifting Pathfinder with Davits


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10 hours ago, Moderator said:

I'm not a fan of hanging any boat from Davits.  You always get stress cracks on the cap and some corners.. Someone always jumps into the boat to get something or wash down..

If you only lift the boat with straps and set it on foam blocks or a cradle.. that's OK if you have no choices.



agree 100%. have seen too much damage from boats just hanging.

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On ‎12‎/‎28‎/‎2016 at 0:32 PM, Seacraft06 said:

Accon marine makes a lifting eye pull up cleat combo which is made for lifting the bow. It's the stern I am trying to figure out. 

The lifting eye is made for lifting the bow, but is there any reinforcement in that area to absorb the stress of holding approx. 1/2 of the boat's weight?  I lift my boat in my garage with chain-hoists. I use a strap in the front that runs under the hull and through the bow eye, then to a chain-hoist on both sides. I also use straps in the rear. They run from the hook on the chain-hoist through the stern eye, then back to the hook. The straps rest against the rub-rail and haven't caused any damage, but when I lift the boat and remove the trailer, I put three boat-jacks under the hull and let them support most of the weight.

So my situation is similar to yours, but the full weight of the boat is only supported for a short time until I get the boat-jacks in place. I think you could make the davits work, but I would use a strap under the front of the hull and run it through the bow eye. The bow eye doesn't support any weight, it just keeps the strap from sliding off. If you lift the boat, swing it over land, then lower it onto a supporting mechanism, ( like foam blocks) you'll be ok.

I'll look for some pics that might help explain. Notice the angle of the strap, it's not pinching the hull. If your straps are more vertical and press against the hull (pinching) it will cause stress cracks. You can see one strap in the rear, it just hangs straight down.


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