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Well all I seem to be doing lately is whinging about the weather. Last month an old school mate booked a weekend to come up and fish with me for 4 days. The week before it looked like we were going to have 4 perfect days while he was here, couldn't believe it considering the weather we had been having. But by the time Friday came the window has shrunk from 4 days to a 30kn change coming in the morning at 8-30am. After much deliberation we decided to hit the inshore wrecks and see how it panned out. We hit the water at first light and the conditions were OK. In the first couple of drops with the jig Shane scores a nice Large Mouth Nanigai. Well that was a pleasant surprise and took care of his wife's request for a feed of fish.


Then right on 8-30 am the wind starts to blow and we are no longer able to hold our position on the wreck. We managed a nice Golden Trevally and got bitten off by some small Mackerel so all in all worth the effort. The 15nm trip back into 25-30kn of SE wind was no joy bit the Hewes was up to it, just take it slow and all is good. A quick change of gear and install the trolling motor and we were back on the water in a local sheltered location and managed to land one, jump one and roll one Barra. The next day we meet up with another buddy down at Cardwell to fish Hinchinbrook channel. We had a great time and caught several Barra, plus the usual Cod, Mangrove Jack ( Snapper ) Trevelly ( Jacks ) and pest Barracuda.



So despite a lot of wind we made the most of the 4 days , plenty of fun was had not to mention all the sledging and great tunes. Gotta love a stereo in your boat and an Ipod.

Cheers Snelly

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