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Good to see some decent weather so have been making the most of it. Got a break yesterday so took my youngest for a run to the inshore wrecks. Plenty of fun to be had with the deep fly (25m). Managed this nice Trout ( Coral Trout this particular one called an Island Trout or Bar Cheeked Cod ) - a real one ;-)



Also pleanty of Trevally ( Jacks ) to stretch your arms and Tackle - This one called a Turrum


Cheers Snelly

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Hi Rob,

We use a RIO product called T14, set up as a shooting head - for a 10wt about 32ft then a 100ft RIO - Tropical Intermediate running line and then 50lb Braid backing.

RIO now also make T17 which would sink even quicker.

For flies we use a basic clouser on a 3/0 hook with DNA Holofusion and bucktail and 5/16 I Balz ( make sure you don't hit rod with these or it is EOS for the rod - also not much good if you hit your self either )

In good conditions we fish to 30m with this set up. Rods are 10 -12wt

Cheers Senlly

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