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Another Photo trip to Flamingo

Ron in Atlanta

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Nice to get down to Snake Bight and Lake Ingraham.  We missed the negative tides that bring the wading birds up to the edge of the channel in Snake Bight but still got a few decent sightings... including some Forum members!



No, not this guy, this is an American Crocodile on the mud in Lake Ingraham. Look at those teeth!


Florida Dec 2016-12.jpg

Long Billed Curlew  looking for small crabs.


Florida Dec 2016-19.jpg 

Roseate Spoonbill does a fly by.



Glad to see a few birds left in the Everglades.


Florida Dec 2016-31.jpg

So is this guy, a Peregrine Falcon looking over that last flock.  This bird can do over 180 MPH in a dive.


Anyway, nice to see some of you out there.  The new 22 TRS is becoming more comfortable, slightly more solid in the chop when the afternoon breeze picks up than the 20 was.

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