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2004 Cobia 222 Reviews


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I'm currently in the market for a used boat, based off my wants and desires I've narrowed my search down to Pathfinder 2200. My budget is $25k, which puts me in the early 2000's models however I came across a nice, 1 owner 2004 Cobia 222 with lower hours. I've researched the model & year and not much information other than it is after the Yamaha take over and before the Maverick acquisition.

I could use your guys help on answering the following questions-

1. How was the quality of fabrication in 2004? I know the years prior to the takeover by Yamaha was not the best but how was it after the take over?

2.  I will primarily be fishing the Marsh in Southeast Louisiana, focusing on Redfish. Can the Cobia go as skinny as the Pathfinder?

3. Is the ride comparable to the early 2000's Pathfinder 2200? 

Any thoughts or experiences will be greatly appreciated. I have attached the boat trader posting for your viewing pleasure. 





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That Cobia is a nice looking setup. I'll guess it is heavier than the comparable Pathfinder, and may ride better in the chop.. It's hard to look past the low hours on that motor.  Paying a good Yamaha shop to go through the motor is money well spent for confidence.   One point:  I would expect the Cobia to be better detailed for that asking price. There is a couple of days of compounding and waxing ahead to make her sparkle.

Being so many years before the MBC purchase we can''t give much feedback. Sorry.   Maybe be someone here has some experiences..

The Cobias and Century boats were well built, overall.

It would be best for you test both hulls to see which you prefer.


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