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Blue Sea Battery Switch Failure


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Second Blue Sea Battery Switch Failure in the last year.  Same problem, the back breaks off at the plastic mold that receives the screw.

I have talked with the reps at Blue  Sea and they are very nice and informative, send a replacement right away at no charge.

All the cables are properly secured and zip tied up with no tension on the switch??  After my last failure I keep a spare switch on board so I was able to replace it on the water.

I know there have bee several postings of this issue.

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I had my blue seas switch break last time out, realized it at the ramp.  I haven't replaced it yet to see exactly what the problem is.  I had power so didn't have to fiddle with it on the water.

I think this is the second time I have replaced this switch on this boat in about 4 years.

I really do prefer the blue seas mini switches over the perko.  The ergonomics are just better for actual operation in my opinion. I like the 12, 3, 6, 9 o'clock positions, just easier to know where you are by feel if its dark.  BEP makes a similar switch, but i don't have any experience with them.

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I spoke with a rep from Blue Seas and he said that with all the problems with this particular switch that they made a reinforcement bracket that fits over the back side to help secure and take the stress off the screws and plastic.  They sent me a new switch and a bracket.

Here are the pics of the bracket and the old (broken) switch..  anyone with this switch should call Blue Seas and ask for them to send you a bracket. 






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