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want to remove the fold down foot rest on the leaning post to mount a starboard foot platform to the top of it as seen done on this forum. feet need something better to lean on. there appears to be some corrosion at both ends of the hex headed bolt/pin that holds it to the leaning post. any suggestions on how to remove it. I'm going to find someone to make the platform and attach to foot bar, cannot do it myself. that is why the removal. thanks, fin :)

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I recently couldn't move my bar up and down by myself. Two of us could! Looking at it, I discovered corrosion under the plastic washers on the axle bolts. I tried everything over two days that I could think of to soak it loose..... PBB blaster, oil of wintergreen, Coka Cola, etc.,.........nothing touched it. I broke out a torch to heat/ cool, it still wouldn't budge. I ended up drilling everything out and re-tapping the inside holes with new hardware.

I sincerely hope yours isn't as bad.....it was a real pain! Maybe you can talk the "guy" into removing the old bar?

Good luck!


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 A friend gave me this and I thought you might find it interesting

Penetrating Oils 



“Machinist’s Workshop” recently published information on various penetrating oils.

The magazine reports they tested these products for “break out “torque” on rusted nuts and bolts.

A subjective test was made of popular penetrating oils, with the unit of merit being the torque required

to remove the nut from a “scientifically rusted” bolt.   Average torque load to loosen nut:


No Oil used ……………………516 foot pounds
WD-40 ………………… ……..238 foot pounds
PB Blaster …………………….214 foot pounds
Liquid Wrench ………………….127 foot pounds
Kano Kroil …………………….106 foot pounds
ATF/Acetone mix…………………. 53 foot pounds


The ATF/Acetone mix is a “home brew” mix of 50/50 automatic transmission fluid and acetone.

Note this “home brew” released bolts better than any commercial product in this one particular test.

Our local machinist group mixed up a batch, and we all now use it with equally good results.

Note also that Liquid Wrench is almost as good as Kroil for 20% of the price. 

ATF/Acetone mix is best, but you can also use ATF and lacquer thinner in a50/50 mix.

ATF = Any type of Automatic Transmission Fluid. This version of the story was in one of the Military Vehicle Club newsletters.



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Leverage my friend.  And a 2x4 on end makes a great lever that won't harm gelcoat like anything metal...

When I bought my boat, guy told me sorry no way it's gonna move, he's tried everything....

I soaked the pivots a couple times with whatever I had around, put about 8' 2x4 in between the foot rest and leaning post and pry'ed it O n down with very little effort. Ezpz

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Ah my bad 

I'll be at mine in Morning and try and get you the hex size. Get your hands on a impact driver as well.  Might not have the guts to get it but the vibrating action might help break it loose and they are a lil more forgiving about stripping em out  

I'd soak it in anything and everything ya got til then, it won't hurt. I like the Old school penetrating oil for stuff like this. My grandad always had that around and he could always fix stuff! 

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Hey fin mine is. 1/4" Allen screw.  I'm not sure your gonna be able to find that as a driver bit, but maybe can make it work with some adapters I'm not familiar with.  I put a long, quality Allen wrench on mine and it wasn't budging ha.  Maybe lots of oil for a few days, a good quality wrecnh and some tapping with a hammer to break it up then try a small cheater bar on the wrench?  Again leverage is your fiend, just be careful. Other option is to drill it out, but that's a lot of stainless to get through....and you gotta do it twice

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