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WTB Hewes


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There seem to be lots of 16's for sale but the 18's are lil harder to come by.  If your on FB there is a page called "Lappy nation" and they often have some pop up. Don't discount a 19' either, they have a front livewell which is nice.


I had a Lappy for 12 years. Loved it and the attention it got. I prefer it over the new hewes models any day of week. 

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I had a Lappy for 12 years. Loved it and the attention it got.

Remember that a Hewes Redisher 17 before MBG was measured at 17'-10" after about a year or two of MBG aquiring Hewes the boat remained the same length but they called it an 18. I've got a 1989 (first year MBG) Lap Strake Redfisher 17 I am selling, needs some TLC though. But I am in Miami, a little to far I would think to travel.

I love the boat and the ride and the attention but had to get into a bay boat for the family and friends. It gets kinda tight on a Redfisher.

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3 hours ago, SouthernWake said:

Also I usually fish with myself, 1 other person, a cooler and livewell. I would like to reliably run mid 40s, will a 115 be a good fit or should I look for a 150?

My 1998 RF 18 will run confit any 46.5-47.5 with one person loaded to fish. I have run 50-50.5 a couple times by myself, light fuel and no tackle.  I have a 1998 130 Yamaha V4 and my best prop is a 19p Yamaha pro with some Barracuda Props work done.    

I have a friend with the same boat, but he has a OX66 V6 150.  He squats a little more (not much) and runs around 52-54 consistently with a 21p Yamaha Pro. 


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On 12/31/2017 at 8:35 PM, snookbytes said:

1997 Hewes 18ft. Bayfisher; 2000 F115 Yamaha side console layout.

4 blade turbo prop and spare 3 blade yamaha prop.

24 vt. Minn Kota trolling motor

2005 Aluminum trailer with stainless package

G. Loomis push pole

Full  cover.

removable battery box and trolling motor.

16 K

Please contact snookbytes@gmail.com for inquiries



20171230_153229 (2).jpg






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