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1993 Hewes Redfisher 18


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Looking Good! I'll bet there were a couple of times sanding when you wished you had anything, but a lappy :content:

Can't wait to see the console. Thanks for posting. Makes me feel like there are others that know my pain. Totally redoing the hull on my MMA-21. Just a little more sanding to go.

Just walking out to fill a couple of holes on my console now.

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Couple updates. Got all the gauge and screw holes in the console filled, and roughed in the steering, throttle, new switch panel and hatch, etc. Also done a ton of work to the cockpit deck and walls. Still have a couple more things to add, but getting ready to gelcoat this weekend. From there, just have to put it all back together.




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great Rehab. It doesn't look like the same boat. Of course, that is the whole idea, just not many have time patience and knowledge to pull it off.

I will be looking for the console reinstall pics. I am guessing your going to rewire the whole boat?

While your still in the mood , check the plumbing.

Very nice work.

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Common sense, patience & determination.

Keys to success.

Nice job, something you can be PROUD of.

:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

NOW, when do you want to come do mine? :)

From the pics of your deck it appears to be glossy. Have you already sanded & polished or is this the end result after just spraying?

If not sanded & polished what's your secret?

If you don't mind my asking.

I know the sanding aid / curing additive is an escentual for final top coats.

What was your outside temps?

Reduction rate?

Spray equipment used?

Air pressure, etc?

Thanks for educating us ignorant people. :)

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Looking good! I take it you have a power inverter to do the 12v work in your house. Great idea! I think I will pick one up next time I am at Northern Tool. Would be very handy for checking power to pumps, GPS and lights before installing.

You do vey nice work. Can't wait to see it on the water.

Edit to add question: In the last picture of the gel coat application, what is the piece from on the cinder block next to the console?

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Good eye on the deck. I've sanded it down, but will not be polishing it. I'm going to roll gelcoat with nonskid sometime in the next couple days. I'll tape off all the edges and radius the corners to give it a more finished look. Should be nicer than how they do it at the factory (just roll it out to the edges). When I did the spraying, it was pretty hot, probably high 80's, so I cut back on the catalyst quite a bit (after having a couple batches of gel kick in the gun). I was reducing with 33% patch booster, and spraying with a cheapo Harbor Freight gun, 1.5mm tip.


No inverter, although now that you mention it, that's a pretty good idea. I've just been using a continuity tester so far to check my connections. Also, the piece you ask about is the shelf that mounts inside the console.

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That sux when it happens.

Yep. Not a lot of fun.

I didn't have much orange peel at all. Wet sanding with 600 grit followed up by compounding took it all out. My friend whose house I was spraying at was controlling the compressor, but I think he had the pressure around 50-60 psi.

The reason I thought you had an inverter is in the console picture with the GPS, you can see that the GPS is on.

The GPS actually wasn't on. That's the warning label on the protective screen cover.

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This evening after work was time to roll out the nonskid deck. Used a pint of gelcoat with surfacing wax, Interlux Intergrip nonskid texture, and MEK. No thinner.

Taped off the boat


I used 3/4" blue tape to separate the deck from the bulkheads and side walls. Also used a penny as a template to radius the edges. It's not how they come from the factory, but I think it's a nice subtle, custom touch


After rolling it out


And after it tacked up and I removed the tape


It's kind of hard to see in the low light, and with reflection from the flash, but there's a well defined line where the nonskid meets the smooth gelcoat. I couldn't be more pleased with how it came out.

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