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New TE Storage Box For T-Top


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Hello everyone. I'm back in a PF after owning another brad for a few years.  I picked up a New to me 22TE with a T-Top and can' be happier. 


My question is how or what type of storage boxes do Pathfinder guys use on the T-Top. It is a factory T-Top. I'm looking for more storage and or to move the icom up there so I have more room for a larger screen on the console. Is there a brand PF uses I can buy from a vendor and is a direct fit or am I on my own to rig some type of box I find anywhere? Really looking for a direct clean fit.


Any help or direction is helpful and I thank you in advance.





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17 minutes ago, JEM said:

Nice, nice, nice.  I bet she will fly!  Welcome back to the fold.

White knuckling Fast. I have not had the best weather and seas yet to see how she will really get it, but 55mph at 55rpm was the best I could see thus far and not jacked up or fully trimmed out.

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