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3rd Annual Spartan Fishing Tournament


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The 3rd Annual Spartan Fishing Tournament is already looking like we are going to be even bigger than last year!

Some of you already know but for those that don't... Same place as always- La Siesta in Islamorada and Same dates as always August 26 and 27.

Registrations and brochures will be ready very soon! Grab the family and join us at La Siesta that weekend for a great time!

Check out the website for more info including results and pics from last year: PaceAnglersClub

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Some info from last year's tournament...

With everyone that helped us organize the event (Benny Blanco, Ray Kooser at La Siesta, Mike Forster of Mangrove Mike's and many many more) we had an awesome time!

100 people joined us between anglers, guides, sponsors and guests. It's great to see everyone from pros to kids come together to share their p***ion for fishing. There were even a few people from this forum that fished last year... Capt. Benny Blanco, Dave Nickles (limitless) and Rainer Schael (Rainer S).

14 teams competed in the inshore division

7 teams competed in the offshore division

13 guides joined us last year...

Capt. Benny Blanco

Capt. Steven Tejera

Capt. Troy Mel

Capt. Jason Swenson

Capt. Joe Costadura

Capt. Raul Montoro

Capt. Bill Wert

Capt. Mike Kozma

Capt. Bruce Pollock

Capt. Rich Burson

Capt. Juan Garcia

Capt. Cliff Tatje

Capt. Greg Poland

Over 20 sponsors donated items to give away and/or raffle...



David Wirth


Scales gear


Presidente beer

Dolphin boats


TTI Blakemore

Quality Aircraft

Trophyland USA


Here are a couple pics from last year

Team and individual awards...


Benny with his clients...


First place inshore team with artist David Wirth...


First place offshore team with artist David Wirth...


Captain Jason Swenson with his clients...


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Glad to have you guys back out there Rainer!

I have a picture of you guys running back to Flamingo somewhere but I can't find it :susel:

Here are some other pics though:

Team "11" getting ready to head out of La Siesta


Dave Nickles (Limitless) with Captain Rich Burson


Captain Troy Mell with Les Brown and his sons


Offshore team "Quality Aircraft Parts"


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Registrations are almost done!

La Siesta will be ready to start taking room reservations this week... they are giving us awesome rates for the weekend!!

1 bedroom = $129 per night

2 bedroom = $219 per night

3 bedroom = $309 per night

* They are also waiving all resort fees and docking fees for the event!

Hope to see some of you guys there!

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Hey dude -

Chatted with Rob Clift of NPCA yesterday (the Eco-Mariner guy). He's in to provide NPCA's 19' Pathfinder for some non fishing folks. We discussed either him doing an eco tour of Florida Bay, or swinging by Flamingo, etc. to heckle those fishing the tournament.

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Sweet, thanks Rainer!

I should give Rob a call... I want to talk to him about the whole "eco-mariner in schools thing"

I got a cool phone call last week... artist David Wirth offered to make us a new tournament logo! Now we just need to figure out what we want it to look like

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Lots of great news for the tournament...

The brochure/ registration and the sponsorship information are now available on our website: www.paceanglersclub.com

Sponsor updates:

Marine Artist David Wirth is joining us again this year!

He making our first place trophies for each division as well as some great raffle items. He is also re-designing our tournament logo... our shirts are going to be awesome!!

His website: http://www.davidwirth.com

Quality Aircraft Parts is also showing their support as they do every year by being one of our major sponsors. They have been a tremendous help in getting the tournament to where it is today!

their website: http://www.qualityaircraftparts.com

Mangrove Mike's will be catering the awards BBQ again this year. For those of you that have eaten at Mike's restaurant in Islamorada you know how happy we are to have his support... the food is great!

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We are in the middle of securing all of the guides to fish the tournament with us. Here is the list of participating guides as of today:

Benny Blanco

Steven Tejera

Troy Mell

Jason Sensson

Joe Costadura

Juan Garcia

Greg Poland

Peter Frezza

More updates coming soon...

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The tournament is blowing up right now... should be a great year!!

Our sponsors have been very good to us and there are still new sponsors jumping on board!! I love checking the mail and finding boxes from sponsors with goodies for our raffle and to give away to anglers. Here is the current list of sponsors:


David Wirth (Marine Wildlife Artist)



Dolphin Boats

Markey Marine

Fish Florida

La Siesta Resort

Mangrove Mike's Cafe

TTI Blakemore Fishing Gear

Dynasty Apparel


Trophyland USA

... There are about 7 or 8 others that we are currently working with and should be added to the list soon!

We've also got an AWESOME group of guides that are joining us again this year! We are very thankful to the guides that have pledged their continued support of our tournament and the goal of raising money for kids and their youth fishing club!!

Capt. Benny Blanco

Capt. Steven Tejera

Capt. Troy Mell

Capt. Jason Swensson

Capt. Joe Costadura

Capt. Peter Frezza

Capt. Rich Burson

Capt. Greg Poland

Capt. Juan Garcia

Capt. Mike Kozma

Capt. James Chappell

Capt. Ron Varona

I'm looking forward to a great weekend at La Siesta...I hope to see some of you there!!

Check out our website for more info: www.paceanglersclub.com

Or give me a call: 305 389-9752

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Lol. I love that the reflection causes everything around you to look yellow!!

Blue this year. I think it's our best shirt yet

I talked to Rob last week.

He/ Eco-Mariner are going to spend the weekend at the tournament! Friday night he is going to bring some freebies to toss around and give a quick talk about what they do at Eco-Mariner. On Saturday he is going to have the Pathfinder at La Siesta to give tours of the bay to people that aren't fishing the tournament.

Did Rob tell you about the revised online course for Eco-Mariner? It sounds great PLUS everyone that completes it gets a rewards card good for some nice discounts in the Keys.

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3 weeks until the tournament...can't wait!

We've added a few more sponsors and guides to the list of AWESOME SUPPORTERS!!! This is going to be our best year yet!

If you haven't sent in your registration yet try to get it in as soon as possible so we can ***ign guides to the guided teams.

All of the details and registration info are here: http://paceanglersclub.com/Pace_Anglers_Club/Tournament.html

Let me know if you have any questions

Cell: 305 389-9752

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We had a great time at the 3rd Annual Spartan Fishing Tournament!

The event was held at La Siesta Resort and Marina in Islamorada. We spent the weekend with approximately 110 parents, students, faculty, staff, alumni, sponsors and people from the community.

This was our largest and most successful tournament yet!

The incredible amount of support and participation keeps growing every year and we are able to provide more help to Pace families through the Spartans 4 Spartan program!!

Of course the tournament also helps to support the Pace Angles Club... I invite all of you to participate in the club as well.

Be sure to check out the Anglers Club website with all of the details and pictures: www.paceanglersclub.com

I will be updating the site as I get more pictures so feel free to send me pictures that you took.



1st Place - Team 87 (171 points)

2nd Place - Team 3 Stooges (77points) w/ Capt. Benny Blanco

3rd Place - Team Li & Leung (53 points) w/ Capt. Mike Kozma


1st Place - Team Harke (174 points) w/ Capt. James Chappell on the CatchaLottaFish

2nd Place - Team ReelTease (71 points)

3rd Place - Team Yoham, Rouco & Torres (58 points) w/ Capt. Ron Varona on the GreenEyedGirl


Biggest Fish - Les Brown (11’ Hammerhead) w/ Capt. Juan Garcia

Top Jr. Angler - Matthew Harke w/ Capt. James Chappell on the CatchaLottaFish

Smallest Fish - Elysse Bernstein (4†Mangrove Snapper) w/ Capt. Bill Wert


To all of the sponsors, guides, all of those that helped during the weekend and La Siesta for making sure everyone had a great time!

EVENT SPONSOR: QUALITY AIRCRAFT PARTS INC- http://www.qualityaircraftparts.com/

SPARTAN SPONSORS: DAVID WIRTH MARINE ART- http://www.davidwirth.com & DYNASTY APPAREL- http://www.dynastyapparel.com/

CATERING: MANGROVE MIKES CAFÉ- http://mangrovemikes.com/

GUIDES: (I encourage you to get in touch with them to book a day of fishing!)

BENNY BLANCO: www.fishingflamingo.com

TROY MELL: www.reelmello.com

JAMES CHAPPELL: www.catchalottafish.com

RICH BURSON: www.rufishingyet.com

JUAN GARCIA: www.beatslandcharters.com

BILL WERT: www.keysbackcountry-fishing.com

RON VARONA: www.greeneyedgirlcharters.com

GREG POLAND: www.gregpoland.com

MIKE KOZMA: www.mikekozma.com

PETER FREZZA: pfrezza@audubon.org

SPONSORS: (please visit their websites)

GATOR AUTO GL***: 305 821-1708

HARKE CLASBY & BUSHAMAN LLP: www.harkeclasby.com

BACARDI: www.bacardi.com


CARRABBAS: www.carrabbas.com

ECO-MARINER: www.ecomariner.org

FISH FLORIDA: www.fishfloridatag.org

FLANIGANS: www.flanigans.net

FRAMES EXPRESS: www.frames-express.com

IGFA: www.igfa.org

MARKEY MARINE (in Islamorada): www.markeymarine.com

OLIVA CIGARS: www.olivacigars.com

OUTBACK: www.outback.com

PELAGIC high performance offshore gear: www.pelagicgear.com

SALTWATER STYLE: www.saltwaterstyle.com *there is a 10% discount when you use the code: PACE... 10% will also be donated back to Pace!

SCALES on the water gear: www.scalesgear.com

TROPHYLAND: www.trophyland.com

TTI-BLAKEMORE FISHING GROUP: www.ttiblakemore.com

VICKY BAKERY: www.vickybakery.com

A COMPLETE LIST OF GUIDES, SPONSORS ETC CAN BE FOUND ON OUR CLUB WEBSITE: http://paceanglersclub.com/Pace_Anglers_Club/Tournament.html

On our website you will also find:

* information and links to all of our sponsors

* information about how you can be more involved and learn how organizations like the FWC and IGFA are working to protect our fishing resources.

* contact information for all of the great guides that joined us for the tournament. They are all full time guides and can be booked for a day of fishing


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