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2000 1810T Yamaha 115 2 stroke 17P 3 blade prop

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The boat has a jackplate

Current prop is a Michigan Wheel Apollo 13 1/4 dia. 17 Pitch 3 blade with a double cup- Vented.- work performed by Bauman pops in Houston TX.

WOT 5200- RPM 35 mph,

Hole shot ok.  I can't lift the Jack Plate over 2" without slipping.   Slipping also occurs when turning.

Dropped the prop back off the Bauman.  the vent are being filled, reducing from 17P to 15 Pitch.  Adding more cup.  Should bring RPMs back up to 5500.

I'll let you know how it turns out.

Anyone else found a prop that works well with this setup?


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Bauman is located in Houston and I was more than impressed with the latest changes.  WOW!!!!  Dropped the pitch to 15, sealed the vent holes, added more cupping. 

Results- I can plane up on level 6 jack plate setting. (it's the highest).  no slipping even when turning.  Hole shot is better, handling is excellent,  she feels like a nimble sports car now!

Of course I couldn't leave it alone, so I had to raise the motor another hole!  LOL


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