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 I had my bass boat wrapped when I was in heavy tournament fishing. It's like anything else you get what you pay for whether it's the material or the people who do it. Make sure you only use good quality  3M materials and if you have someone do it make sure they are 3M certified. Obviously if you were going to attempt this yourself the preparation of the hull before hand  is very important. Also most of the boat wrap material has grooves that you cannot see to allow air to escape as you apply the wrap. So once you stick it to the boat you actually can move it around before you use pressure and some heat gun to follow the contours of the hull.  Also I would hold the boat wrap back maybe an eighth of an inch from where the side of the hull rolls under to make sure there is a clean line and you can use the 3M waterproof finished tape for boat wraps.   If you would like to p.m. me and asked questions feel free to do so otherwise the best wrap shop in the state of Florida is in Orlando area called Media 1/wrap this. 

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