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Almost shown up


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With 6 flood events and 1 cyclone it seems like I have spent the whole year so far answering public and political issues or ensuring the road network is opened as soon as possible.

In between having over 1800 mm of rain this wet season I don't recall a longer or wetter Summer and already we have had continual falls and record breaking rain in April with forecasts that more is coming until after Easter.

I promised myself I would fish more this year so when a break has happened I have managed a few trips. This is an account of the first one:-

One of the girls at work has been pestering me to take her for a lure session so after a few questions I got the answers I felt I needed before letting her come along:

1. Can you throw a baitcaster - Yes.

2. Am I likely to get a lure embedded in me - No.

3. Does my Girlfriend approve of another lady in the boat - Yes doesn't like fishing so happy for any one silly enough to go with me in that stupidly fast boat especially since she knows her.

4. If I am outfished will it be kept a seceret or will you run back and tell all my staff and especially the other 8 fishing mad male Project Managers who evn as there boss will give it to me until I can put it back on them somehow. - (her words) It will be put n the intranet at work for the whole of our company to see.

Now this is where I should have said fail but the challenge and competiveness we have between each other saw that comment treated with contemp: Ok she hasn't fished in years / I know the area / I like pretend guiding where I put others on to fish / But I usually still catch in any circumstances - Ok welcome aboard Annie.

Here is how the morning panned out:

1. I backed boat off - Annie parked car and trailer and picked her up from the pontoon.

2. Hit plane in a split second and had the Hewes in the 50 mph plus range out of the mounth and on way to Cape - (never been on a flats boat so had to ensure she got the Hewes Experience that makes you want to own one).

3. Got to cape - while putting electric in the water she selects a bright red lure and has first cast and hooks up (I thought she was joking) and lands a nice estuary cod. I say by-catch doesn't count.

4. Two cast later gets her first Barra.

5. Has a cheeky grin and gives me that - your getting whipped look as she hooks and lands her second - gives a 2 finger signal to show 2 barras.

6. 15 minutes later lands her third barra while I haven't even had a touch - There's this voice that says I am never going to hear the end of this back at work as I release it back into the water.

7. Barra's go quiet so I go round the point to throw some poppers - Find out she can't throw a spin rod and even though there is baby queenfish all around the boat chasing poppers there was a few pin point casts that went straight up and I found myself ducking for cover as the bombs came down - I caught a few consulation fish but was reminded that they were by-catch. (damm back to the barra's)

8. Some cheek started to get thrown like did I want to borrow the bright red lure or can she help by driving the electric motor so I can concentrate on throwing lures to catch a barra. Ouch.

9. Like a good guide I said it was all about getting her some fish as I catch them all the time - yeah that worked not. She stopped casting because the laughter was preventing her from casting.

10. All my years of releasing fish and the Barra Gods smiled upon me when I landed 4 barra's in 5 casts to suddenly go one up.

11. Not much was said as a certain smile can go a long way - all up a great morning and back at the ramp before the midday heat got to bad.

Awesome morning and even though the Project Managers had pictures of Anne's Barras all over my computer by the time I came to work it was worth it and I have another keen fisho who I can ask to come for a session when others are busy although she has told a few of them they are now at the bottom of the list.











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Great story Waz,

Not sure I even recognise that poxy red lure but it worked. Dont listen to snelly. He still goes on abput the jaffa coloured tilsan b*** lure I used to love but retired as it was too battlescarred.

Hope to have a beer with you up at hinchinbrook in a month or so.


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