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2006 Pathfinder 2200v xi5 install with quick disconnect


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Anyone have trouble installing the quick disconnect to the topside of the hull. seems like the through bolts will not line up and if i shift the bracket back and do a little reengineering i=they will land inside but dont think that i will be able to reach them to install washers and nuts.... 

Should I use sometype of stainless wood screw with 5200?

Any thought or ideas will be appreciated.

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1 hour ago, wthree3 said:

To install out of reach bolts, you can tape a wrench to an extension stick of some sort and then tape the washer and nut to the wrench. One hand on the bolt from above and you'll be able to feel when the nut is lined up. A little tedious but it works.

X2. That's what I did when I did mine on my old Redfisher. Not a lot of fun. 


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X 3 on rotating the bracket 180, drilled new bolt holes to attach bracket to trolling motor. This lets mounting puck sit as far back as possible. Also pictured is where I was able to mount puck and get through to the underside, thru bolting. Takes some time, help with long arms, had a little bit of foam under farthest bolt to clear, but doable. 4 thru bolts. 2005 22 TE Pathy 




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Bringing up an old post as I am trying to install my trolling motor and running into some of the same issues.  I have the mount flipped 180 degrees to put the puck further back. Kind of crazy that it isnt standard like that.  re-drilled and countersunk holes.

Just trying to verify where to install.  If I try to keep it 4" off the center line, I definitely have to move the front cleat, and would probably go back with x2 cleat, one on either side.  or push closer to edge, not worry about the 4", possibly keep the cleat and just be careful at ramps.  

Does anyone have pictures of theirs install from the bow looking back.  

Also, I ordered the gelcoat matching paste from Spectrum, but curious how people have gotten the nonskid look right.  I was thinking spread pva and then spread paste with some non skid additive and small foam roller, then scrape clean once dry? 

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