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Never Thought This Would Happen To Me


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Two Mavericks in the front yard.....

How much patience will Momma have ???:)

The skinny mini has been stripped and ready for sale....and the Holy Ghost is being pimp'd for Chokoloskee !!!

New Prop coming...SCD 4 blade

Just put on two new Maxxis Radials

New Bilge pump going in tomorrow

Installing 20 amp battery charger tomorrow

Then we are done and ready :)



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12 hours ago, conocean said:

That's a good problem to have, well, except for the wifey not liking more than one mistress in your front yard.

Don't tell me you went the cheap route and didn't get the Stealth AC/DC system....? o.O

I stripped the charging system out of the skinny mini and left the TM set up for anyone.  Again, I don't know how the next person will use the skiff so I decided to just transfer it.

Saved me $$$...right now, i have lots of $$$$ into the new MA...but, 90% of it is from the Skinny Mini- Power Poles, GPS, Batteries, Charger system, Ulterra...so, it's loaded and ready to fish....


Had to rework the bilge today....not fun !!! Original bilge pump an Attwood V900 failed....3 hours later, I think I got it secured down.




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3 hours ago, YankeeRedfisher said:

Sounds like what I'm going thru for my annual trip to FL. In addition to new Maxxis I put new pre-greased hubs (posilube) on my trailer; I'm curious about your double seat arrangement. I have one seat back there on my RF18 but considering two; I never  use the bench seat. Information on the seats please?!

I'll send you some pics...it was crafted pretty unique.




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