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I bought an 06 22 Pathy with a tower and want to get some repairs done to finish what the original owner started. It has a big Action Welding tower and he had some flexing on the forward port side floor where the tower attached. His glass guy cut it out, glasses down vertically to stringer and filled with Liquid Transom. He then had the whole bottom floor redone with nonskid. Looked great. Well I think both front ones should've been done at minimum if not all of them to minimize flexing and I'm looking to get a price on a few different options. The repair he had done has a tiny spider crack in the new gelcoat and it kind of bugs me but not a huge deal. I just want to start assembling info so that when I decide to have the repair done I'm prepared and have the correct repairs done.


Any of you guys with older Pathys have any pics or advice for beefing up floor where the tower attaches? Do you add plates or just pour them solid? Pictures would be awesome if you have them. I'm in SE Ga so if you guys know of any shops in NE Fl or SE Ga that could tackle this with no problems I'd appreciate some referrals. I don't mind taking it farther to get it knocked out though

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