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Cobia 21 Bay


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Long time lurker, first time poster.  

I am in the market for a 20-21' bay boat.  My first choice was a used 20' Pathfinder.  However, that deal fell through.  

I did stumble across a new Cobia 21 Bay and it appears to be a good fit.  

With that being said, I have found little information about them from actual owners.  

The Cobia website has good information, but I'm looking for information from owners.

Please post up if you have or had one and your thoughts on it.  


From what I gathered it is:

  1. Made in the same factory as the other MBG products.
  2. Has the same deadrise as a 22 TRS.
  3. Appears to have the same overall hull design as a 22 TRS.

Questions that I haven't been able to get the answers for:

  1. How does it ride?  Is it about the same as the 22 TRS?  
  2. Is the wiring as clean as the other MBG products?
  3. The rod lockers only hold 2 rods per side?  Is there room for more but only 2 tubes? 
  4. If you added a trolling motor, where did you locate the batteries?


Thanks for you time. 


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Sorry I can't answer your specific questions.  But....As a long time pathfinder fan and owner, for the life of me, I can't understand how these boats aren't more popular. Its so close to the pathfinder in so many ways for so less $. Or maybe they are and just never hit the used market because of that....

All my wiring on my 3 MBC boats have been same quality. After crawling on them at a boat show, I would think you'd have no issues putting batts in console. 

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