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1997 16 Bonefisher w/ Yamaha F70


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The F70 is installed now. I'm very happy with the results! Honestly, I cant feel much difference in performance overall compared to the yamaha 2-stroke 90hp. We have a 1997 bonefisher with the lower sides. We ended up with a Powertech SCD3-15P prop from Ken at Prop Gods. The motor is mounted one hole up on the transom and it seems about right; I wouldnt go any higher. The F70 has a max RPM range of 5300-6300RPM.

  • WOT @ 6200-6300 with a light load and right at 36-37mph; plenty fast for this hull. (Light load = Full tank of gas, TM, TM Battery, and my 230# butt)
  • @ 5000RPM it runs 30mph solid.
  • Best cruise @4500RPM is ~27mph. Almost every Yamaha performance report shows best mpg at 4500RPM.
  • I can maintain plane all the way down to 18-19mph.

Hole shot is just as good as the 90 2-stroke yamaha. SCD3 seems to give a little more bow lift out of the hole, but trimming down more or using a little tab helps it hop right up on plane.

We could probably go to a 16 pitch and be near 6000RPM. But I like to prop the boat at the upper RPM limit when lightly loaded. This gives better real world performance when you throw your fishing buddies and gear in for a real fishing trip. And if we are loaded down for a Glades camping trip it still would perform well too. I'm going to finish the break in with this pro and get some more hours and use before considering moving to a 16 pitch.

If you have an older "high side" Bonefisher 16 then your going to likely have more resistanse and little more weight. So, I'd stick to the SCD3 15pitch for the older "high side" 16 bonefishers.

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