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One last sheeps haul


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It's been a while but I got old schooler Fresh From The Salt crew member skiffin16 to join me for one more sheeps trip in the bay.  Water temps are climbing crazy fast so needed to get out there to get that really good winter time bite while it lasts. Kept 'em coming to the boat pretty good most of the morning until we finally lost the anchor to the anchor graveyard.  That's about 3 lost anchors to this reef in the past 3 years.  My bad for not using the zip tie method to release it when stuck.  Hate cutting the rope but sometimes there's no other choice.  Still put 17 nice fish in the box though for a half days work.  And especially nice to fish with my old homeboy, John Guiseppi, again.  It had been too long!



JG sheeps.jpg

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