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Results on the 2011 Hinchinbrook Barramundi catch and release comp


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Results of the 2011 Hinchinbrook Barramundi Catch and Release Comp

Well the tournament is over for another year. I am sure Waz and snelly will post some more info.

52 Teams of 2 anglers fished this years comp. We had 3 Hewes fishing, Snelly in his RF18, Waz in his RF16 and Parksy in his 18 Lappy Bonefisher.

Pleased to announce that all three teams finished in the top 10 with Parksy's team coming 4th Waz's team coming 6th and Snelly's team coming 8th.

Fishing was hard with a cold snap putting some of the fish down. Some boats caught large numbers of small fish while ohers caught smaller numbers of larger and higher point scoring fish.

Congratulations again goes to Snelly who picked up champion angler - flyfishing.

A great time was had by all. We now have to wait for the comp to come around again next year and for snelly and I to arm wrestle over whoose RF18 will we be fishing out of.

Cheers Ben

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Hi Wanna,

I really should take my camera to get some pics of teh shot gun start. Quite crazy as 52 boats power off out the mouth of a small landing.

We are seeing a push to more tournament styled boat in recent years (yes we are slow at adapting things from our more advanced brothers). We were talking at the comp how it was only 15 years ago when the biggest boats in the feild were 15' aluminium boats (tinnies) and had 40hp on them. Now they are left a long way behind. The one hour trip to the fishing destination now takes 18 min which means more fishing time and less travel time.

This year in addition to the Hewes boats we also had 1 scout 187 bay boat with a 175 merc o it. There is a 20' ranger with a 225 merc. The rest of them are australian made boats. They guys that one this year were fishing out of a Haines Prostrike 490. Nice boat but I dont like the side console. I will see if Waz took some pics of the boats at the start and get him to post them so you can see what is going on over here.

Thanks for your interest,


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