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Certified Yamaha Tech In South Florida

Big Dave

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Just had a very good experience with a local certified Yamaha tech who came out to the house to do the 100 hour service on my F70.  Price was very reasonable, he is meticulous and personable.  Name is Mike Kilcrease and you can reach him at 954-225-5375.  

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6 hours ago, Big Dave said:

He lives in Broward County and works in Miami.  Charged me $350 for the 100 hour service, including parts.  He also fixed an issue I was having with an amplifier and speakers.  I gave him a $50 tip and made it an even $400.

I would have done it for $250 Dave....next time call me (LOL).

I got to teach you and Mike how to do those 100 services....way too easy on a 4 stroke ($100 max for the OEM parts) - oil change, plugs, racor filter, lower unit oil, check prop and re-grease all the zeros, and impeller change (if required)...most of the time, you don't need a impeller if it's running ok and has been less than 200 or 250 hours...


Next time we can call mike and do his F115 as well....we'll do a front yard Maverick party !!! (jejejeje).


Seriously, sounds like a fair price for a service and impeller change if performed and you don't have to bring it in...

For stuff I don't know, I usually bring in my "Dog" to the experts....nice to know someone who is mobile.




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