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SCD4R17PYM90 Prop Update - YAMAHA V115 2STK


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Mods....I am posting here and in Maverick section as I've others in general ask about this prop.  Feel free to change or modify as appropriate.



REQUIREMENTS: shallow water hole shot, 1 - 1.5 boat lengths, ability trim it up 3/4 of the trim to cross shallow flats and not loose grip, mid range cruise in the low 30's.

He and I spent several emails and text'd and a call, discussing this over boat show weekend.  We went back and forth from the PTR and SCD.

Some forums say go with the PTR 16 Pitch and I"ve not seen many reports on the SCD's.

Marcus said, "give it a try and if it's not right - we'll make it right".

Just ran it on the MA 17 this morning....one word - WOW !!!

First hole shot nearly threw me from the boat..talk about make sure you are wearing the kill switch.

I should have known something was unique as I was idling to get into the Markham canal...just a touch on the throttle would fire the boat forward.


Holeshot - no tabs - 1 boat length and you are running 24 mph within two boat lenghts

Holeshot - full tabs - 3/4 to 1 boat length

Mid range - break your neck fast - from cruise of 25-29mph @ 32-37K rpm, when you punch it, it spins up to 52k in about 2 seconds or so, and it's WOT @ 40mph, a real jerker

WOT - Trimmed @ 5200 - 40.5 mph, light load, slightly trimmed.

ran it tabs full down with the motor trimmed 3/4 up and ran a 10 rooster tail....ran fine at about 19-22 mph with no overheating.

I found the MA needed just a bit of trim to keep it from proposing, but, I"m attributing to the fact it has the trolling motor on the bow...it needed only a touch to have it run dead on...

Right now, hard to find the need for change, so, I"ll be keeping it.

Well done Marcus...thank you again.




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