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DT Special Recipe

Hurricane Bubba

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Tie the feathers in as far forward as you can and then you can hold the tips of the feathers straight back and lock them down as you move the thread back. 

Also, Mustad makes some 4XL (shank is 4X longer than normal for hook size) that I use for Cobia, Mackrel, pretty much anything off the beach including large snook. The hook shank acts like a mini wire bite tippet.


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On 3/5/2017 at 8:02 AM, Hurricane Bubba said:

Anyone have a good DT Special recipe that they'd like to share? I'm looking to tie up a few dozen before I move back. I think I have everything just looking for input on the hackle.




Good success with this one, simple tie, very effective on the beach/surf

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