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Sea Tow


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Lucky me. I had the pleasure of towing a 21 foot Triumph with 8 people on it 8 miles across Tampa bay from the Weedon island sand bar to the Gandy boat ramp into 20 mile per hour winds yesterday. That boat is heavy! Ropeline Plastic hull and most likely water logged foam. I put 4 of their passengers on my boat to spread out the weight.

My Pathfinder was topped out at 10 miles an hour at WOT. 

Also pulled one of my batteries out to see if that would get his engine started. No luck. 

That sure did ***. 


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1 hour ago, lurem said:

definitely some good boat karma coming your way!

I wanted to go out yesterday and watch some of the Reggae concert at the vinoy from the flats with friends but the wind in your video confirms why I stayed home.

It was very windy coming from the Northeast. It pushed about a foot of water out of the bay. The projected vs actual tides were way off. 

You can see downtown St Pete in my video. Definitely wouldn't want to anchor off the Vinoy as you'd be fully exposed. 

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