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WTB: Yamaha Pro or Talon 19p prop


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On 3/6/2017 at 1:24 PM, conocean said:

My 19p Yamaha Pro prop is about at the end of its effective life after been reconditioned 3 times. Looking for new or lightly used 19p Pro or Talon to replace it with.

(No longer available) I just bought a new Talon 19P and tested it one time last Sunday in fresh water.  It is a phenomenal prop, but I'm going to need more pitch because my motor is hitting the rev limit.  At WOT it pushed my RF16 52 mph, on a high-country lake at 800 feet above sea level!  For you guys running at sea level in salt water, that would likely translate to 54 mph at WOT (just bragging - correct me if I'm wrong).  Anyway, it is brand new plus one coat of Meguiar's Wax, and I will sell it for my cost including shipping ($517.00)  PM me if you're interested.



(No longer available)

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Thank u both.

Mull- Ive had my current prop reconditioned thrice. The tips are tired and prop shop can only recondition once more for the tune of $150 before it becomes a spare. 

Gee- I will get back to u after I see if there are any other options. I really didnt want to spend $500 for a prop thats gona be abused in the waters that I fish. Pretty prop tho!!

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