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2300DV Repower & Fuel line question

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Just repowered my 2004 2300DV with twin Mercury 150 Fourstrokes.  The engines are a little lighter than the Yamahas, and have a little more displacement. I propped it with Revolution 4 17's and the performance is about the same, with a little increase in economy. Running the engines in the 1st hole from the bottom. Want to try some 17 3 blades, I bet I get some better top end.

My question is, what kind of fuel line is Pathfinder / maverick using on new production? Type and brand.

I run ethanol gas and I'm in the Bahamas a lot so I want to change my lines before make my first trip this year.

I'd be happy to answer any questions if you have any.




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There are a bunch of DV owners here.  I will be interested in the Merc repower with the Rev-4s.  The twin hulls are prone to porpoise with the wrong props, or real heavy loads.

Get them broken in and put up the numbers.


I'm in Delray.. Where will you be going across the Stream ?  The West End/Tuna Alley route,  or the Bimini / Cat / Gingerbread places ?



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