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swim platform Steps


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Hey guys I wanted to share a little upgrade to my swim step I have a Pathfinder with the older starboard swim step. It had a under platform two step on it. The problem was that step had no way to hold it up under the platform. Well unless you wanted to mess with trying to wrap the velcro strap and that was not a good option. 







so off to the inter web to find a new option. I looked at the ones that just mount to the top of the platform but didn't really want that. Then I found a Windline Under platform ladder. The ladder would fit between the aluminum frame and was a match on length as well. This ladder has little tips on the bottom of the step that lock it into the frame of the step when in the up position. I think it is a great upgrade. I know it is a few more dollars than putting a ladder on top of the step but i like it. 








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17 hours ago, Moderator said:

Great retro fit, and photo journal !!  Thank you,

but I will not call you Honey..


If you knew how many people have said that over the last 20 years...LOL !!!  It all started when my oldest son (now 20) started talking. He never called me Daddy or any variation of Dad. Only Honey. All his friends call me honey all his teachers.. It just kinda Stuck. 

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