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Console/GPS upgrade


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Guys - My boat is 14 years old and I think the console needs a facelift since I just repowered.  There are very few Pathfinders in my area.  I would appreciate any pictures or suggestions on what you think I should do to upgrade the console, including:

GPS recommendation - I plan on replacing the Garmin 545.  The bracket on the right is left over from a Furuno unit that died an early death.

Filling in old electronics holes

Drink holders




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Just did the same thing. Not sure if our consoles are the same (mine is a 2007 24TE, but appears to be the same layout and probably the same size). I left the glove box and was able to get a Simrad Go9 flush mounted where your VHF is mounted. Most 9" screens won't fit, so I searched mostly by dimensions but am very happy with the Go9 unit so far (after adding the Navionics Platinum+ chip). I'm going without a VHF, but the prior owner had one mounted on the inside of the access door under the steering wheel. I'm toying with a new switch panel to modernize the look a bit, but will make that a winter project, if so. 

With the unit flush mounted, I had all the holes patched and gel coated. I removed and gel coated the anchor light port at the top of the console so it is a clean finish up there with just the compass. You could put some inset drink holders there, if you don't have space elsewhere and they would double as some non-slide storage for phones, etc. Mine has drink holders to the left of the steering wheel. I don't have an anchor light at the moment, but plan to either get a T-top and put one there or mount one to the top of the engine cowling where it is out of the way.

I'll see if I have any good pics and will post if so. Congrats on the new engine and good luck with the project! 

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