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Dressed Up & Nowhere To Go- Woody Waxed


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IMG_3463.thumb.JPG.5e6e21a496076bec5196819c6aa837dc.JPGWas supposed to head to Choko with my buddy Capt. DonH....up at 0230, Peanutbutter sandwiches ready, dill pickles, a Yetti thermos full of colombian coffee, rods all worked on the night before.....and the Holy Ghost, pimped and ready....spent about 4 hours working on her yesterday....


1.) check the tire pressure

2.) Check the hubs - did a quick squirt of new grease

3.) Batteries full of charge from the overnight slow charge

4.) Deck's scrubbed

5.) A final coat of Woody Wax and she was ready....then came the rain....here's a few pics of the deck....you can see how it beads the water...this is the second application this month..

Some pics.....no fees....but, at least it's feeeshing ready ;):(



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Rain hit here too.  No cleanirg for me today, but i did get my bow lights working, solved a mystery issue on my HDS unit, and addressed the poppet valve yesterday.  I think the shark eye lights will be replaced this year, and the new poppet valve is being shipped, so I get to do two of these projects twice.  Oh, and I have a bottle of hurricane recommended hull stain remover sitting on my desk waiting for me to decide what hull wax to use after.  May do shark hyde again at least for the areas below the waterline.

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3 hours ago, HewesYourDaddy said:

Was bored and did mine too. Well, actually I keep wax on it (Meguiar's TechWax) so I just decided to polish her up a bit with Meguiar's Speed Detailer. 




Did you use an electric buffer to get that shine ? Or by hand ? That sled is slick as glass.....

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All arms and shoulders to get that shine. I never really had to work real hard at it since the previous owner took care of it, and it never sees more than a full day in the sun or elements. I'm gonna miss her when I sell. 

Edit: Thanks guys (sarcasm). All this talk about waxing and I decided to wax and detail the whole boat. 

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18 hours ago, fishtaco said:

How you liking that ProV wannaflatsfish? Thinking about buying one and selling my 90hp Yammie. 

Too early to tell...but, so far, once I got the kinks out...it runs perfectly...

It has a carb job, new impeller, new fuel pump, plugs, filter on engine, razor, new filters in all the oil sumps, etc.

It does *** the gas...my mpg is only 3.5-4 max, but, hole shot etc is excellent.

Give me a year and I"ll give you the full skinny.




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