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Have a couple of questions on the electrical:

Added the plumbing to my boat but do not understanding the wiring. There is a switch installed on console that has two open male contacts that have no attaching wires. The switch does light up though when you click it down.

1. Are the wires for the pump already prewired with drops back at the battery switch by motor?

2. If there is not a drop by the motor, where do you hook the two pump wires? Does anyone know WHERE exactly the positive gets attached and the negative (ground) at the console?

Obviously not very literate to electrical. Pump has two wires, a positive and negative.

Also, cannot find any wiring diagram for the 2200 TRS anywhere. Many other are posted but could not find mine.

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If the switch is lit you need to connect the red positive wire to it on the male spade..It being lit means it has switching power to a device when attached to it's respective terminal.

The negative wire should go to your common ground under the console or any other convenient negative post.

Hope that helps.

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Hooked up the ground to the common ground and one time hooked the log to the spade terminal - no joy. Removed the lug from that terminal and placed on other spade- again no joy.

Straight wired positive and negative to the + and - side of the distribution block under console - ran like a champ.

I am thinking the switch is live because it has a run going to the back of the boat somewhere but I do not know.

The switch is a dual switch for bilge and the other for washdown.

Maybe Maverick can send me something on the wiring or switch info.

Thank you for your reply. r...Dale

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You may need a jumper wire on the back of the switch.

Hard to say but, it may just require a jumper as the switch may be double throw double pole.

Take a look and see if there are jumper wires on other switches that run more than one device.

Follow that configuration.

OH the other wire going to the back goes to your bilge pump.

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