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New Facilities


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Hi all,

Just wanted to post some new facilities we recently got at a old boat ramp site via our State Politicians which may not be much but over here it is a constant fight to upgrade ramps to a better standard - this one is a new ramp just down from a old existing two laner which is still in existance and in town in one of two major tidal river systems that runs through our beautiful city.

In Townsville where I am from we have the highest boat registration in the North so it is good to see some upgrades to ramps being undertaken along with extra parking areas, security lighting and security 24 hour monitored cameras for protection of vehicles and trailers - this is the standard they are lifting all our ramps up to, and a soon to be added new 12 lane facility further up the river which I hope we will be building.

You have to like seeing your rego and tax $ being used for good and put back into the facilities we all use as fishers and boaters.





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As a young fellow growing up I would haunt any facility like this throwing hard bodies or plastics but since I have two boats I tend to launch and head away from these spots.

My Hewes is having a bit of a make over on the little things and I hope to get it back in the next week or so. I have about 5 days off prior to the close of the Barra season on November 1st and I am going to go back to my roots and fish locally every day on this break, learn more about my new HDS10 and structure scan and hopefully catch a few fish, post a couple of stories, No Set Plans - 5 days many creeks and see what happens - may even break out the long wand for a laugh.

Oh and if I catch a Bream I will certainly post a pic for you. Hope you are supporting the Aussies for the World Cup Rugby this weekend.

Cheers Waz

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