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Pathfinder.. Which SeaStar Cylinder? SeaStar is So Confusing!!


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The SeaStar HC5358 on my 2005 20 Pathfinder wtih 2010 150 Yamaha four stroke started leaking. The rod is pitted. The motor is mounted all the way down and it is a real PITA to get off. I am going to order a new cylinder but not sure which one I should get.  The HC5358 or the HC5345?

To my understanding the HC5358 is only needed with twins. However, I also read where the HC5358 is needed if the motor is mounted low? So I am stuck. HC5345 or HC5358? 

Also if anyone has any pointers on how to get the support bars free? There is not much room to work with. 






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I had to replace the same exact one on my 150.

Use the Seastar 5345-3. It's not hard to remove and replace. Spray it real good with some penetrating oil and just remove the ends. 

Don;t worry about dinging the anything, your going to replace it all with the new kit.

 Just be sure to use the grounding cable that comes with the new one,the old one did not have one I bet thus causing the corrosion problems.

Find a stainless steel metric zirk fitting to use on the motor mount. It is in the instructions.

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