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Have any of you heard about these guys? They are talking fish management, conservation etc. They want to come and pitch our fishing club so I wanted some background. Here is the pitch!

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) plans to release draft Amendment 3 (i.e. the menhaden amendment) for public comment the first week of August and finalize the rule in November. This rule would be a major precedent as it could put in place an ecosystem-based approach to managing the biggest fishery on the U.S. East Coast. I expect the comment period will only last 30-45 days and include at least one public hearing in Florida. In order to better our odds of success for strong public support at hearings and in written comments, I want to “front-load” as much outreach as I can to recreation fishermen and other stakeholders on FL’s east coast between now and early August.


The Florida Forage Fish Coalition has also just launched a new Florida Forage Fish Research Program in coordination with the FWC’s Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI). It is currently funding two student-led fellowships to analyze existing data to help the FWC gain a better understanding of Florida’s forage fish and their relationship to predators. I am working with coalition members such as IGFA and SGF to build awareness and support for the program, especially among fishermen.

Responses are appreciated.


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I would not get any where near PEW or EDF.

The agenda is management by closing or restricting access at every meeting I have been involved in. The easy way out.}:(

Both groups in all cases have favored no take zones and closures over sound management and reasonable access.

I'm sure some will argue my short and blunt reply. I will not change my stance on this issue. Been there, and have seen and heard it.

Maybe the current ARS situation will expose these criminals that think our public trust should be at their disposal.

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I spoke with Cam today regarding same.  I bluntly told him that the mere mention of PEW will turn off the majority of our club members - which in this case is too bad, because (pains me to say this :).. they are right about Amendment 1 to limit the take of pogys (mendaden) that are a primary source of bait for everything we fish Offshore for.   The ForageFish project is supported by FWC, IFGA, others & Pew.   It's got some good science going...The BUT..as Capt Tony correctly points out, is that the majority of Pews positions are anti-fishing.

    I invited them to speak briefly during an upcoming meeting we have about conservation...specifically about Amendment 1.   Florida has one voting representative on the Board.  Fl does have a small allocation for pogys, but the vast majority of pogys are fished out of Va & Md (near the breeding grounds).  As the population has decreased the southern limits of these fish has moved from down near Vero to basically Canaveral...though some schools were near Melbourne yesterday (and the tarpon are already here eating them).  

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