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WTB PP/Trailer


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Can't help with the PP, but I might have a trailer...depends on what your'e looking for. Within the next month or so two I'm going to be replacing the trailer for my 2002 22' Pathy--same hull as yours.  Current trailer is a 2006 Ameratrail and I bought it new. I put new radial tires, new brakes and bearings on it two years ago. It's been a great trailer and garage kept all of its life, but dunked in saltwater a lot. . There's some rust on the axles. Most of the time I only trailer the boat about 2 miles to the ramp on back streets and it's good for that, but I'm planning to do some long distance runs in the next year or so and would feel more comfortable with a new trailer under the boat.   So...what I have is fine for short runs or a hurricane haul out for a boat that lives in the water, but it's probably not the best for running long distances. I would like to get around $1,200 for it. Let me know if you are interested, I'll shoot a few pics and send them to you.


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