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Options for a 10k budget flats boat


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1 hour ago, Skinnywaters98 said:

Looking for a flats boat that can take decent chop (nothing crazy) and get pretty skinny for backwater fishing

I will be listing my 1998 18 RF in the next week or so.   A little more than 10k but something to think about.  It will be in the classifieds section soon.  

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Definitely a lot of boats out there available for less than 10K.   Do your research and hire a marine surveyor.  The 400-500 you pay to have that boat inspected can ensure that you are buying a 10k boat, not a 20K repair job.   I bought my first Master Angler for well under 10K and would still have it today if the guys on here hadn't convinced me to upgrade to a newer one.  That boat is still running and has many years left in her.  Watch the classifieds here, craigslist, etc.

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9 hours ago, Skinnywaters98 said:

Thank all you guys I really appreciate it!

im definitely leaning towards a red fisher and I do like the bonefishers but I don't know much about restoring boats and don't have anyone that would be able to teach me about it sadly 

An older skiff is a great learning experience..as mentioned above, get is surveyed and then you can have some piece of mind of what you are buying is seaworthy....


Upgrading electronical systems, bilge pumps, etc. etc.....that's why Youtube was invented...there is a agreat book called the boat electrical bible 12v or something and do a search on the net for electrical manuals...they show wiring, etc.

Learn to do your own maint on the engine - yes youtube etc. and you'll spend some quality time on the water...and don't forget to check the trailer - a perfect boat on a POS trailer - and that equals - no fishing or a break down...put your money into the follwoing in my opinion:


1.) Good Hull - cosmetics 2nd

2.) Good engine - check maint, etc. check fuel tanks on older boats

3.) Good trailer - immediately get new tires and insure the hubs are ok and well packed.

Electornics etc. are nice to haves..




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