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bilge hatch access


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Well, I have an idea I'm going to try out. I'm going to cadd up a drawing for a optically clear 3/8" plexiglass plate cut to fit the splashwell. It will just be screwed in the place of the plug I cut out. I can't find anything to fit and I've not had a response from anyone willing to pop a hatch for this oddball layout.

Chuck  😁

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On 5/21/2019 at 5:16 PM, SSN651 said:

Dale, I need the hatch shown in your post for my 96 bayfisher 18. I've been trying to contact Chief5130 to no avail. Do you have any contact infor for him?

Thanks, Chuck  😁

Sorry man just saw this, I did some looking and didn’t get a response. I know he saved the template we made. I don’t get up by his house much, but next time I’ll try to see if he still lives there.

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