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1 minute ago, DonV said:

Dang Triple F for $130 total including the BGE, I'd be jumping for joy!! Now you need to match the engine cover. :)

Ran out of fabric for the engine cover haha. I wanted to make a trolling motor cover as well. 


I used 600 Denier Marine Canvas. I ordered 15 yards. $133.87 shipped from Big Duck Canvas. 


I have a full boat cover that I use Sunday through Friday but wanted something that I could quickly throw on during the weekends to protect from the sun and rain. 

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1 minute ago, whichwaysup said:

Wow - I am curious - for the marine canvas, did they use a regular sewing machine or did they have something beefier?  My wife sews, and eventually I'm going to have to replace my custom boat cover.  Would love to have her take on the project.

Just a regular sewing machine. We used a thicker thread to hold the seams together. 

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